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I taught babies to swim, all over the world. Before that I was a teacher (including in India). Now I write novels, features, and am the books editor for Dorset Magazine. I’ve also written a blog about some of the profound moments my fellow Piddlehinton villagers experienced during Covid19. If you’re interested in any of these, please see below.


I regularly write features and profiles for Dorset Magazine, Dorset Life, Writing Magazine and The Bookseller. Click for some of my favourites.


What happens in a tiny village during a world pandemic? It turns out that Covid19 had unexpected benefits for many of us…


I am currently seeking representation for three novels: The Happiness of Now, Little Man and The Fire Tree and recently published a contemporary romance: Shoot the Moon.

“As the boom of his Barnsley-flavoured voice fills every corner of the room, his joyous mirth crashes from guffaw to giggle.”

John’s Story: 19 Silver Linings

“I was gripped from start to finish. I’ve read it three times now and loved it every time. Deeply affecting, it’s a book I keep wanting to recommend to people in my role as a bibliotherapist.”

Praise for The Fire Tree from Ella Berthoud

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