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  • Ten Key Things I Learnt Through Indie-Publishing a Novel
    When I decided to self-publish one of my novels, I had no idea how much it would teach me about the profession of being a writer.
  • Hunting the Plant Hunters
    Interview with Ambra Edwards, who’ll be appearing at this year’s Dorchester Literary Festival
  • The Runnymede Trust, Penguin UK and #LitinColour: one year on
    An afternoon spent sharing several cups of tea with Dr Halima Begum
  • Verily Vogue
    Interviewing Alexandra Shulman for Dorset Magazine about her 25 years at British Vogue, I got a good idea of what made her such an iconic editor. Straight talking, relaxed and honest, I for one would love to have worked with her.
  • Shoot the Moon: a novel
    Over the last six years I’ve written three novels – and had to think hard before self-publishing my first though KDP and Amazon. But now it’s out there I’m glad I did, as so many people seem to really like it.
  • The Claiming of the Shrew
    A chance visit to a new Fowey bookshop – Shrew Books – resulted in me doing two great features with the owner, Kate Longman

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