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  • From Totteridge to Kathmandu
    For a while I did a blog about people’s fabulous untold stories. I’m so rubbish at tagging etc it didn’t go anywhere, but it seems a shame to let these wonderful tales languish in internet limbo. So here’s the first…
  • Wimborne’s Treasures
    Loved doing this feature on Wimborne. Such a lovely town, and one I’d definitely recommend for a Dorset day out.
  • Thoughts on Being Racist
    I wrote this at the end of the week of Meghan, Harry and Oprah. A week that stirred up much debate, some of which affected me personally. So this was my attempt in response to move the conversation forward in a positive way.
  • The Bookseller
    A longer version of my investigations into who has the right to write ‘the other’
  • #OwnVoices – Feature for Writing Magazine
    After the #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations this summer, I wanted to make a positive contribution to the conversation and was delighted to interview these four brilliant women
  • Feature on 19 Silver Linings in The Marshwood
    Along with so many publications, The Marshwood has had a tricky year but has done a brilliant job of adapting. Personally I love its new full-colour look and am very grateful to Fergus for finding the space for this feature about my blog.

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