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  • Twenty-Six Letters: June
    It takes a lot of books before you find your perfect short stories. Or so I found this month…
  • Say Hello to The Sherborne
    I am so looking forward to Michael Cannon’s The Sherborne opening this autumn. Such an incredible gift to the town.
  • Twenty-Six Letters: May
    This month’s books are all about finding happiness, or some kind of peace. Or even just some really nice cheese on toast.
  • Twenty-Six Letters: April
    What could be more redolent of lost worlds than imagining the ancient apple orchards of Dorset
  • Twenty-Six Letters: March
    For March, the book choices are all about land, migration and survival…
  • Motherland
    My son tried to make ackee and saltfish the other day. If only he’d read Melissa’s book first he’d have known to soak the saltfish…

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