The Back to Front Way of Writing about Place

One of the joys of travelling is reading about the places you’re visiting. Which makes Trip Fiction one of my favourite sites. Here’s a piece I wrote for them about how I create my locations.

Breaking the Silence

When I was asked to write a piece for a book blog in the same week as Baby Loss Awareness Week, I knew it had to be on that topic. Since I co-founded Water Babies in 2002, it’s raised an incredible £4.5million for Tommy’s. Something which makes me unbelievably proud.

Ten Key Things I Learnt Through Indie-Publishing a Novel

When I decided to self-publish one of my novels, I had no idea how much it would teach me about the profession of being a writer.

Shoot the Moon: a novel

Over the last six years I’ve written three novels – and had to think hard before self-publishing my first though KDP and Amazon. But now it’s out there I’m glad I did, as so many people seem to really like it.

From Totteridge to Kathmandu

For a while I did a blog about people’s fabulous untold stories. I’m so rubbish at tagging etc it didn’t go anywhere, but it seems a shame to let these wonderful tales languish in internet limbo. So here’s the first…