Hunting the Plant Hunters

I can watch a plant die, and it will never occur to me that it might need water. And the only time I can be found working in the garden is if I think my husband might be annoyed with me. So I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Ambra Edward’s book as much as I did. But that’s because, as much as it’s about plants, it’s also about human endeavour, women’s indefatigable courage, the human desire for adventure – and it’s very funny. It was also a pleasure visiting Ambra at her home (once I eventually found it). I felt like I was at Chelsea, with the garden’s perfect borders and stunning view down to the sea.

The beautiful paining at the top is by renowned botanical painter, Sarah Caswell . This week she’s exhibiting for the tenth year at the Chelsea Flower Show, stand number EA418: fifty metres from the Chelsea Hospital entrance.

Published by Jess Morency

Feature writer, teacher and brand consultant

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