Twenty-six Letters: September

If, as Gracie Cooper of Little Toller publishing says, ‘independents are the seed bank of the publishing industry’, then I’m delighted to introduce you to a bumper crop

Twenty-six Letters : August

Whether you’re lying on a beach or avoiding the passport queues, here are some novels to transport you…

The Stars Align

Julian Fellowes was the first person I ever interviewed, and it was such a pleasure to talk to him again – in a house I felt so privileged to visit, because it’s a beauteous jewel.

A Castle for a Family

What’s it like, living in a castle? It was fascinating to find out, in conversation with Edward and Maria Wingfield Digby of Sherborne Castle

Twenty Six Letters: May

I was an English teacher for more than a decade, and these are some of the books I found most inspiring, for both my students and me…