Giving Emma Hardy a Voice… finally

We had so much fun doing this interview. Even though it reveals that taking things literally is one of my core skills…

Interview with Sir Oliver Letwin for Dorset Magazine

Sir Oliver Letwin lives in a beautiful long house in Dorset, and he timed my visit perfectly – just days after we’d been released from lockdown. The interview was originally linked to his planned appearance at the Dorchester Literary Festival.

Interview with Sara O’Keeffe for Writing Magazine

When I interviewed Sara for the Dorchester Literary Festival, she had so much of interest to say that I suggested to Jonathan Telfer at Writing Magazine that they also do a feature on her.

Interview with Raynor Winn for The Marshwood

I interviewed Raynor last year for Dorset Life and the Dorchester Literary Festival, and was lucky enough to do so again this summer. After visiting her and Moth in Cornwall, we cooked up a plan to get her some Vivobarefoot walking boots – I think everyone should have them, but thought they’d be particularly good for Moth.

Interview with Adele Parks, Sara O’Keeffe and Arminal Dare for the Dorchester Literary Festival and Dorset Magazine

I pitched this as an idea to Dorset Magazine and was delighted that Helen liked it. It was also great to get some publicity for a local novelist.